Vaquero Package



The Lace Masterâ„¢ comes complete and ready to use.
With a little practice, you will be able to quickly and easily cut lace from a disc of calfskin, lightweight leather or rawhide!


Readily adaptable to left or right hand use

  • Ergonomic Design – Improving worker comfort
  • Increases productivity and yield by cutting from discs or strips
  • Uses inexpensive single-edge razor blades
  • Compact and lightweight for easy use and storage
  • Low cost

Basic Package Includes:

  • Vaquero Base and Hansen Style Shaft Only
  • 100 Blades
  • Shelf Clip


**NOTE** The Vaquero package is intended for use with rawhide. The Hansen Style Shaft excels in Beveling firm materials. This package is for String Cutting and Beveling Only, No Splitting or Leveling feature. If you work in Kangaroo of softer leathers we recommend the original LaceMaster with the Braiders Shaft for this application. Please contact us before purchasing this package if you have any questions.