Roll~n~Sharp Fixture for sharpening Osborne Model 86 Bench Splitter Blade


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Roll N Sharp sharpening Jig for the following:

  • 6 inch model – SKU# B24YY6SE
  • 8 inch model – SKU# B24YY6SH

This fixture makes a difficult task easy and fast with consistent results.

The Osborne 86 is essential basic equipment for many Braiders and Leatherworkers. Using our Roll~n~Sharp fixture will make sharpening the blade easy. The Blade is mounted to the fixture and the Roller from the Splitter is used to elevate the Blade and allow constant angle honing of the edge. Screws in the Fixture Body may be adjusted to eliminate corner to corner rocking of the components.

The Model 86 has been built in several sizes/widths. We have seen these in sizes from 4” to 11”. If you have one of these splitters and need a sharpening fixture, give us a call or email. We are happy to quote custom size tools.

Please take a look at our video on how this simple tool works:
[ video coming soon! ]