Idaho Professional Field Folio


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These Folios are built of our select natural Skirting Leather. They are assembled by hand with ABS plastic sheets as stiffeners in the leaves. We have improved the design to allow use of Top Bound Pads or conventional notebooks in either A4 or A5 sizes. The A4 size can be had with Pen Loops and Scale pocket for a truly unique piece of office or field equipment. We build these with a shallow scallop on the hinge line to avoid a common wear point. This is one more detail that builds value and long service into our products. We use this stuff and pay attention to details in construction and materials selection. All this returns more value and longer life in our products to you.

There are several options available for this product in two sizes: A4 and A5

Field Folio A4 Size, no closure w/ loops on front SKU# A31AG1C1

Field Folio A4 Size, snap closure, loop in closure SKU# A31AG2C6

Field Folio A4 Size, no closure – No loops SKU# A31AG1C9

Field Folio A5 Size, snap closed, loop in closure SKU# A31AG2D6

Field Folio A5 Size, no closure, no loops SKU# A31AG1D9