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Field Belts


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Select cut from heavy russet skirting leather backs, single ply. No defect cover up with stains or dyes, just a light application of neatsfoot oil. Solid-brass non-magnetic buckles for lifetime service and freedom from magnetic interference with sensitive instruments. Stock sizes with 11 holes punched to fit waist sizes from 30 to 40 inches and from 40 to 50 inches. Offered in 1.25″, 1.5″ and 1.75″ width.

Other sizes and widths available on special order. Please note our “Stock Sizes” and consider they are offered to fit a variety of sizes and field conditions. If you desire a more refined fit we are happy to build you a custom length belt.

Here is what we need from you: on a belt you currently use, measure from the fold line where your buckle is attached, to the hole you currently use. We will use this length to custom size your belt with a 7 hole pattern. The center hole of this pattern will be at the length you specified. Custom Belts cannot be returned…measure carefully. There will be an additional charge of $7.50 for custom sized belts.

30-40″ waist, 1-1/4″ width

30-40″ waist, 1-1/2″ width

30-40″ waist, 1-3/4″ width

40-50″ waist, 1-1/4″ width

40-50″ waist, 1-1/2″ width

40-50″ waist, 1-3/4″ width




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