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Custom Manufacturing

Another, possibly lesser known activity of Gfeller Casemakers is our Custom Manufacturing capability.  As a niche market manufacturer, we work closely with smaller manufacturing companies to produce a “leather cover, carrier, or support device that protects their item, protects other items from theirs or makes it easier to use and store.”  We find that our products are better suited to items that are in the upper end of their price range, where a high quality leather item is a complimentary feature to a quality tool.  Our ideal customer benefits from our capabilities to maintain close dimensional requirements provide timely delivery and maintain excellent quality control.  The range of production is moderate, with our best fit being repeat orders in the range of 25-500 units on a regular to semi regular basis.  If you have an interest in this activity, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide references that can validate our excellent track record in this area.

Custom debossing and logo application is another capability. Gfeller Casemakers has debossing and stamping equipment to cover a wide range of applications. We can hand stamp, deboss by single or multiple head equipment using our stock stamps or we can deboss your logo or other design. We are available to discuss your requirements at any time.

We are happy to answer your questions and accomodate your needs for custom manufactured leather goods.



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